Search Engine Optimization: is now as important as a telephone in your business.

Why is SEO so important? SEO is now as important as a telephone in your business. Think about it, 98% of customers use the phone to do business, that is why a telephone is important inside of your business.
Watch this! 100% of your customers (or potential customers) are online looking up information. Are you visible online? Do you know where you rank online? Are you connected with your customers on social media? If you are unable to answer these questions, you may be missing out on much needed attention for your business. SEO is a big deal in your business and is very easy to comprehend. SEO helps you get found by the right customers because it is inbound marketing as opposed to outbound where you chase the prospect or client.
When you use an inbound marketing approach such as SEO, you get customers that are looking for your service or product. Let me show you what I mean. If I were a tele marketer and I called you out of the blue, with a product you weren’t looking for, what would you say? I’d like to hear more or no thank you, and hang up? Cold calling brings in a 2% return on average and is what is known as out bound marketing (you chase).
Now compare that to SEO that has a 33% average return on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and, Bing. The digital marketing platform didn’t have to call 100 people get 10 appointments and get 2 closes because 85-90 turned out not to be interested.
Business owners SEO is not a big, scary, new concept. Let a professional help you in your journey to change your marketing around and let it work for you. IF you have a telephone, you need digital marketing.


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